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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a princess party?

We come to you dressed to the nine’s in fun, frilly princess attire and bring games, music, crafts and other activities. In short, we create a simple, smashing success of a party that is fantastic fun for both kids and parents alike!

Are you Disney Princesses?

No. We offer themed character entertainment based off of classic beloved fairy tales.

I don’t see anything that fits my party on your packages page? Now what?

We want to help you find the perfect “glass slipper fit” for your party. Please email to tell us more about what you’re looking for. We are always happy to provide a customized quote based on your party specifics.

How does the flow of your visit go?

Our entertainers will arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your desired start time. They arrive with all the necessary materials for your chosen activities and will be fully costumed ready to enter the party right on time! We begin with a “getting to know you circle time” to break the ice and loosen up any shy guests. From there we will begin the first activity. Based on your choices – we put together a customized “glass slipper” fit based on the size of your group and party space. Our overall goal is to keep guests engaged as much as possible! So cutting down on waiting time is key. Our Deluxe package has a Royal Maid who is there to assist the character, set-up and clean up activities to ensure the character can dedicate their time engaging guests. Our packages wrap up with about 5 minutes to sign autographs and say farewells.

How do you fit so much into a short time? I don’t want to feel rushed.

Every party is different, just as all children react differently to live entertainers. While we work on a timeline, our main goal is to create an enjoyable, energetic experience for the children. If necessary we might improvise or modify an activity to facilitate maximum enjoyment and comfort. In other words, we go with the flow. We also kept this in mind when structuring our packages, which is why you will notice there are maximums on the amount of children per package. By keeping our child to performer ratios low – we are able to ensure that every child feels they’ve spent adequate time with the characters and we, as entertainers, are able to ensure the party keeps moving and everyone stays engaged for the full time!

So the princess is fine handling all the kids for the full time? I’m thinking of hosting the adults in a separate area during this.

Adult guests are expected to supervise their children. While your entertainers strive to offer a picture perfect entertainment package, they are not there to babysit nor discipline unruly or overexcited children. If a child is acting out and being disruptive during a party, your entertainer may politely ask you or another adult to remove them from the group until they are ready to re-join. Also, a lot of our activities such as sing-a-longs, story time, and crafting are a wonderful chance for parents to participate with kids and the princesses! Not mention ADORABLE photo ops 🙂 Thank you for your understanding in advance!

Do you provide dress up clothing?

Enchanting Birthdays does not at this time provide dress up clothes. However, we invite you to encourage children to come in full royal regalia!!

Do you have your own party space?

No. We come to you!

Will you come to a restaurant, the park, or other venues?

Yes! Please just let the venue you know you will be expecting a character entertainer as one of your guests.

How much space do you need?

We’ve performed in all kinds of places throughout Buffalo and strive to adapt our activities to your space. Ideally, enough floor room for everyone to sit in a circle together is ideal. We like to conduct a lot of our activities in a circle time-style atmosphere.

What is your service area?

We service 20 miles from Buffalo, NY. Our characters will travel outside of the service area listed; however, these parties are subject to a travel fee. Fees for parties held outside of city limits are considered “Out of town” and travel fees are $25-$75/performer. All “out of town” parties are booked on a case-by-case basis.

When should I have my princess arrive?

What we see most often that works very well is to have the princess(es) enter 15-30 minutes after your party start time. This allows for any latecomers to not miss out as well as kids a chance to settle in. Once our entertainment comes to a close it’s also a nice option to be able to lead the kids to either food or cake. It lends a nice distraction for an easy exit after the princess(es) bid farewell.

What happens if my performer is late?

We do everything in our power to provide prompt start times and pride ourselves on our punctuality. You can expect your performer(s) to arrive to your event location up to 15 minutes prior to their entrance times. However, as Buffalonians know, traversing the city can sometimes provide its own unique weather challenges. In the rare case that your performer(s) must make a late entrance to your party, they, or our admin staff will immediately be in touch with you regarding an updated arrival time. Your performers will also do everything in their power to stay the full time purchased from their updated entrance time. External factors beyond our control (mass transit incidents, car accidents, weather, etc.) which delays the entrance of a performer by 30 minutes or less does not guarantee a refund and we appreciate our client’s understanding and cooperation in this matter!

I’m ready to book my party! Now what?

Please fill out our online booking form – CLICK HERE. This allows us to capture all of your reservation details in one place. From there we reserve your performer(s) and contact you directly to confirm all your reservation details as well as provide your final party and any other fees that may apply.

What is a Royal Maid?

A Royal Maid assists the Character with preparing and cleaning up activities. This allows for the performers to spend time more time with guests.
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What is a Crowning Ceremony?

A Crowning Ceremony is a special announcement for the Birthday Celebrant honoring them as an honorary Princess. Celebrant receives a gift of a princess crown and sash or wand. The ceremony commences with singing!

What is a Superhero Initiation?

A Superhero Initiation is a special announcement for the Birthday Celebrant honoring them as an honorary Superhero. Celebrant receives a gift of a superhero cape and mask. The ceremony commences with singing!

What games & activities do you execute with guests?

Games and Activities vary depending upon the age of the group we are visiting with. We tailor your event to age specific games and activities for your guests. Some of the games and activities we execute include: Princess Says, Which Princess Am I?, Dance Party, Princess Parade, “Hot Wand”, “Princess, Princess, Queen”, Matching Game, etc.

What is in a Favor?

Favors include Princess / Superhero Sticker, Tattoo, Bracelet, Ring / Finger-puppet, Wand / Toy, etc.

What is the Craft?

Our Craft is a Foam Tiara and Superhero Masks for guests to decorate with stickers, crayons and markers!

When is payment due?

To complete your booking, availability and your booking request must be confirmed with our office staff. Payment varies depending upon your package request and is due two weeks prior to your party date. Payment reserves date, time, and character and package request. We will confirm when payment is received. All party details are due Friday, a week prior to your party date. A friendly reminder will be sent prior to your party date.

How do you collect payment?

We collect payment securely through Check or PayPal. PayPal is a highly trusted 3rd party processor, which allows you to maintain the privacy of your payment details. If you’ve ever made purchases on Amazon or other similar sites you are probably familiar with the process! Providing credit card numbers over the phone or through email is not secure and we will not process payments that way. We are however more than happy to assist you with using PayPal and answering any questions for you.

Do I tip my performer(s)?

All of our lovely professional performers are paid a flat rate by the company without gratuity. If you feel you would like to tip your performer(s) for a job well done, please feel free to do so in cash directly to them! Most clients do choose to “tip” the performer 15-20%. Gratuities are always very much appreciated.

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

All parties performed are nonrefundable. If cancelled up to 48 hours before your date, we will issue you a refund, minus 20% deposit. A cancellation of your party less than 48 hours before your date will incur a full charge. Clients may reschedule their party at no extra charge if we have availability. We appreciate our client’s understanding and cooperation! Clients will be refunded 100% of their payment in the extremely rare event that Enchanting Birthdays has to cancel an event on an emergency basis.

The characters we offer come from fairy tales and storybooks that are public domain. Any resemblance to copyrighted characters is strictly coincidental and unintentional. All of our costumes are custom made by our private seamstress that we hire. They are not purchased from any licensed or copyrighted company. All of our wigs are custom made by the owners and personal hair designers. We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks, nor do we try to present ourselves as being so. We are an independently owned and operated business for the purposes of children's party entertainment and event planning services.